7 Reasons Not to Own a Datsun

Lessons I’ve learned from owning a Datsun 240Z

  1) Guys love your car more than girls.

Sure, girls think it’s cute. They’ll like driving in it. But in the long run, it is going to attract a whole lot more guys than girls.

  2) There is forever a “FOR SALE” sign on your car.

You may want to practice saying “No”. If people know what you’re driving, they are going to make an offer.

  3) Your car attracts a constant paparazzi.

You better be a good photographer; people are going to want to snap a pic with your car. Unless you just see them taking selfies inconspicuously from a distance. Then you better be a good model.

  4) You have to be extroverted.

People everywhere you go will want to talk about your car. People will roll down their windows and stare when you’re at the stoplight. Be prepared to carry on a friendly conversation.

  5) Lack of driving may cause anxiety.

Your car is your therapist. Don’t go too long without seeing her, or you might get sick.

  6) You can’t listen to the radio anymore.

Who cares about Taylor Swift’s new album when you have a straight six under the hood?

  7) You treat the weather forecast as if it were the stock market.

Every time the weather is inviting, it’s time to take the car on a drive. Just call in sick. C’mon, your car needs her vitamin D too.



  1. Datsun Z Ikeman · February 5, 2015



  2. John · May 27, 2015

    To True indeed!! I was 17 when I was so fortunate to have a cool Dad that brought me home (after trading in my 64 Thunderbird that I thought was an old ladies car) a 74 260Z He taught me how to make car payments and suddenly became aware of taking care of something as if she were alive. My wife doesn’t believe me when I told her I’d give the hood a little kiss after making it home each night. That was back in 1985. I’ve had a 72 240 and a 76 280 and am getting ready to ground up 77 280, going old school with triple Webers, header, stage 2 cam, coil overs, 17″ wheels…etc…The Z never leaves your blood!

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